Cats love sitting or curling up near the window, especially when the sun is out. They love to watch the birds flying and observe the neighborhood while sitting on a cozy seat. The Sunbather gives your cat a front view of nature without taking up valuable space in your home.

Product Features

  • High toughness EVA 30% increase in hardness
  • Sturdy and not easy to deform, also can carry the heavier fat cat’s weight
  • Large space suitable for the bigger cat
  • Different kind of suction cup can fit many window frames
  • The strong suction cup can afford 10 kg, with easy installation.
  • Natural soft color easy to integrate the overall tonality
  • Dismountable soft interior is easy to clean

Material Contents

EVA / Polyester / PVC Suction cup / POM

Product Dimensions

Length 72.5 × Width 15.6 × Height 26 cm
Maximum load: 10kg/22 lbs


Turquoise / Light Ivory


All Crazypaws products have 1-year warranty. (Human negligence excluded)


Crazypaws products provide a 7-day warranty period. However, to prevent contact disease, Crazypaws does not provide trial period. Replacements are not accepted after products have been unpacked and lacked in components due to usage. Please confirm your order on sizes and colors before you purchase.